Fashion Trends To Stay In Style These Summer

A 60s revival

You can expect to view prints reminiscent of your grandma’s living Room background this spring. Pastel floral prints and chunky contour layouts are regaining popularity, particularly in dresses and skirts.

Regular Company wear

Incorporate some elegance into your everyday attire with blazers, Pants or a suit.

Update your ensemble for a night on the town using tuxedo apparel that is essentially an elongated blazer. For a special event, choose a daring, monochromatic appearance which will make sure to give off enormous boss energy.

Groovy, baby

In Addition to suede, retro designs such as tweed vests and fringe have made a comeback.

Pair a denim vest with a mini skirt or trousers and a turtleneck.

Unconventional colours

Channel the refreshing and vivid colours of spring into your wardrobe this season. Pair skirt and a mint blazer to get a mint white appearance, or slide on a mint leather coat.

In case there is a mint green daring jump on the highlighter colour trend. Neon colours have become commonplace matching bodysuits and sets.

Stylish workwear

The timeless Carhartt beanie is typical of hip hop and skate tradition, adding to its popularity and appeal.

Colleen Joyce

Colleen is working as the Editor for Not A Super Model. She loves to write about the latest Fashion news from all around the world.

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