No I Did Not Walk Through Mustard

Ross Snakeskin print dress – Similar here.

Merona Mustard Yellow tights – Similar here.

Black Suede Boots – Similar here.

I came out of my bedroom this morning after getting dressed and my 10 year old said “Wow, your legs are really tan.” Apparently he thought I had gotten a quick tan on my legs. Once I explained they were really tights, he proceeded to tell me how I should wear some on my face and arms too so I could look tan. Since that isn’t going to happen, now would be a good time to explain that I did not suddenly tan my legs and I did not walk through mustard either, these are simply some funky tights I picked up from Target.

And, I am kind of in love with them. Who knew that mustard yellow could be so versatile. Now, I know they are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them and they are a lot of fun to wear. I kept this outfit pretty toned down, but I have a very colorful ensemble I am working on for the future if I can get the nerve to leave the house in it.

So, what do you think? Do you sport colored tights or just stick with basic black?

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  1. I have olive {albeit pale, but olive} skin so those would never work on me. But, I love love LOVE them on you!!

  2. super cute dress love it and those boots are hot

  3. Black for me. I would consider these with a brown or tweed dress though.

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