Say Yes To The Dress

Today’s post is a little hard for me. Why? Because I love the dress in today’s post and think it looks great in person, but I am not sure it photographs all that well. I picked this dress up a few weeks ago at Goodwill. It is a sleeveless dress from Lane Bryant and it fits great. I also really loved the color. It feels flirty and fun on, but since I have a hate hate relationship with my arms, I always where something over it. I paired it with an Old Navy cardigan and belted it, because it just looked blank without something across the middle.

The necklace is a fun piece that I picked up at the flea market, the same day that I got the vintage charm bracelet from yesterday’s post.  I thought it went well with the outfit without overpowering it. I debated on my blue heels versus these kitten heel black pumps, but eventually settled on the black.

So what do you think? Should I be saying yes to the dress?

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  1. VERY cute! I love the necklace, too!

    • KBunn says:

      Thanks Sara. I really do love the dress in person, but man it was hard getting decent photos with it. I think it may just be an off photo day.

  2. I love the blue dress and the outfit as a while but but I don’t understand the need for the belt

  3. Donna says:

    Yes, you should say yes! It looks good on you. And the black kitten heels was a great choice. You look great in blue! And I completely understand about the sleeves. I will not wear sleeveless. :)

  4. HilLesha says:

    I love this dress! These colors look great on you, and the necklace and belt gives it a very sophisticated touch. Love, love, love!

  5. LOVE the way you worked that belt and necklace to up the dressy factor. Those two items really pull the outfit together.

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